Rusty Wolfe

“There is something cosmic, celestial about these creations. They evoke thoughts of physics, with molecular quality that captures speed and gravity” -

Rusty Wolfe : A Progression of Circle
Deborah Walden, Nashville Arts Magazine
August 2012
Nashville, Tennessee


As a self-taught artist, woodworker, designer, musician, songwriter, and entrepreneur, I have learned that the only boundaries are those that are self-imposed. Diagnosed with a severe case of dyslexia at an early age, I have realized that my disability is actually a gift, for the conventional way of learning has never been an option; I rely on my own inventiveness to show me the way. My work is a product of the ability to open new doors where both visual creativity and inventiveness come together.

This current body of work brings together my ability to work with color, wood, fabrication, design and spatial relation. Each sculpture is based on the grouping of elements to create a whole. Each individual element is hand fabricated to exacting tolerances and then finished with 14 to 16 coats of lacquer. Each element is precisely hung with a patented hanging system to ensure the engineered integrity that defines this body of work. One might say this work is magically minimal.

News and Updates

Rusty Wolfe: How Did We Get in This Place

How Did We Get in This Place is a beautifully rendered story of life in America in 2020. It urges peopleto come together. For those who are crippled by the constant barrage of often-negative news (the coronavirus pandemic, civil unrest, divisive politics) this is a wakeup call! Wolfe is inviting us to reflect on current events, to see each other, to listen to each other.  The video showcases Wolfe’s many accomplishments: song writer, visual artist, community activist, story teller, and architect.  

"The Dream" represents a return to Rusty Wolfe's first love: song writing.

Returning to his roots in folk music, Wolfe abandons his commercial past for songs with a soul.  Message and content are paramount in Wolfe’s first album The Dream.  Production is centered around his unique finger-picking style and vocals.  Forty years ago, Wolfe’s first foray into music garnered great success with cuts on Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Lacy J. Dalton, Glenn Campbell, Conway Twitty, and more.  After spending most of his adult life in pursuit of the visual arts, Wolfe returned to his first love, music, in the last year.  


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